Significance of Molded Ear Plugs to Musicians

The human ear remains one of the most delicate body parts that require proper care and maintenance. A number of factors can usually occasion damage to the year among which includes dust, noise and water.  Professions like singing therefore demands that one takes precautionary measures to protect his or her ear from deafening sound blasts that is a common phenomenon in music concerts, orchestras and bands.  In fact, a number of people have reported losing their hearing in concerts graced by renowned musicians like Justin Bieber and among others. Well, it is important to note that wearing ear plugs is not just precautionary measure that should be undertaken by those who listen to music but also the musicians themselves.

There are special ear plugs designed for musicians and what are usually taken into account are the sound reduction rates of a given material that is used to make an ear plugs. Ranging from foam, silicon to flanged ear plugs, molded ear plugs have passed the test as best ear plugs suitable for use by musicians. One reason for this is because they are mouldable earplugs as such can be reshaped to fit one’s ear with much ease and their sound reduction rate is undoubtedly the best.

Secondly, molded ear plugs fit the bill as musicians because they are effective when it comes to protecting the ear and at the same time still allows for healthy sound penetration. Musicians need to listen to themselves sing and this means they ought to use ear plugs that allow sound penetration as here is where molded ear plugs stand out as the best option.

Further, molded ear plugs are a great choice for use by musicians because they can be customized without hurting the ear. They fit one’s ear regardless of the shape of the earlobe and ear canal. As opposed to foam or flanged ear plugs that come with a definite shape, the use of mouldable earplugs is at the desertion of the musician.

Using mouldable ear plugs does not necessarily require one to seek the help of an ear specialist as with case when using flanged or foam ear plugs. Their is essentially no specialised training required to use these type of ear plugs and this makes the popular among other available versions of ear plugs.  With molded ear plugs, everything is always an easy go and this is why most musicians prefer them compared to other types of ear plugs.

Music is something we all appreciate and enjoys listening to. However, we should never forget that loud noise is unhealthy and can cause us permanent or temporary ear damage. Whatever the case, it is always important to understand that prevention is better than cure. Always conduct comprehensive research and if necessary seek the help of an expert to help you land the best type of ear plugs for musicians.


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