Why You Need Custom Ear Plugs

Of what good are your ears if you cannot take care of them? Hearing loss is not hearsay. It is real. Those who have lost their hearing in most cases have not the gory tales which those who have lost their limbs always tell. However, loss of hearing is most of the times associated with mere negligence on our part.

The human hear is agreeably delicate and when it comes to taking good care of it, it is important to also take note of its components. Divided in three main sections, the human hear constitutes outer ear which is usually the earlobe or ‘pinna’ is biological terms, the ear canal or the middle ear and the inner ear which is essentially the most delicate and composes of the tympanic membrane/eardrum and hair follicles.

Studies into the loss of hearing have pointed out that many people who lose their hearing are those who are usually exposed to deafening noise. Noise induced hearing loss is on the rise, thanks to the ever increasing noise pollution witnessed in industries and in other machineries such as automobiles.

Noise is measured in decibels and anything beyond 80 decibels becomes intolerable to human ear. Well, because of the increasing danger to which our ears are exposed, the only way to remain safe and sound with regard to our hearing capabilities is to use ear guards. This way, one will always be safe and maintain an optimal hearing functionality. In this article, we take a leap into the world of earplugs for musicians and in particular, why having custom made earplugs is the best decision you will ever make when protection is all you need.

Maximum Comfort

There is no better way to experience comfort in your ears if not through the use of custom made earplugs. In every way, custom earplugs have proven their usefulness when it comes to according one’s ears great comfort. This is because they are tightly fitting hence they don’t trap air in the ears that will cause a pop sound when removing them.

A Good Fit For Any Ear Size

When you have run out options regarding what can best fit your ears in term of earmuffs or earplugs, customized earplugs are a choice to go for. They are a sure way to always maintain your ears in good protection and their ability to cut off noise is a plus.


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