Pack Smart and Travel Light

Travelling is something that makes you happy and gives you new experiences, but most of the travelers spoil their trip with the heavy bags. There are two types of travelers; one who over pack and jam their luggage’s and another who pack too light and forget important stuff.

Smart travelers always balance the things; neither too light nor heavy. Today, from my own traveling experiences, I have compiled a list of packing tips/stuff. Here you will get from basics to practical ideas/tips with which you can PACK SMART AND TRAVEL LIGHT.

So, follow the tips and enjoy the adventure:


Don’t jam your bags with overstuffing of clothes and shoes. You don’t need to bring as much as you think. Split your clothes and shoes and think how often you need that stuff. Limit the number of shoes you bring. Remember you’re already wearing one pair.


Best ever method that is mostly used by the backpackers. Roll you clothes as it will bother less space and the clothes will also get less wrinkled.  Rolling works well with pants, skirts and sports shirts and keep the heavy stuff at the bottom.


Never forget to pack flashlight/torches, scissor/cutter, plastic bags, Lip balm, a light scarf, medicines, sleeping mask and earplugs.

Flashlight/torches, scissor/cutter (if you stuck somewhere at night), plastic bags (to keep your wet clothes), Lip balm, a light scarf, medicines, sleeping mask (if you stuck with number of people during bad weather conditions), earplugs (of you are going somewhere for shooting then you must carry Shooting Ear Plugs as they will reduce the noise). These are the important things that you should never avoid because you never know what situation you will face. So, ready your bag for every situation.


Never forget to keep your identity proof with you; you never know where security checker will ask you to show the identity proof. Security checks might trouble you in that case so; take at least one identity card with you.


There are many reasons to pack earplugs as they help you to Reduce Noise and Protect Your Hearing capabilities during your trip. Pack Reusable Ear Plugs so that during your trip you don’t have to carry the whole packet of earplugs.


Throw all your valuables into the Ziploc’s so that you won’t lose into your bag for small things. This technique will help you to find your valuables anytime quickly.


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