The Importance of Wearing Earplugs When on a Flight

Protecting your hearing is something you should take with utmost seriousness at all times. At any given point in time and place, your ears will always be exposed to unprecedented harm and so is your ability to listen or hear which will always be at risk.

Well, while loss of hearing remains largely unpredictable, there are predicaments that require one to take necessary precautions before the worst can happen. For someone who is yet to embrace the use of earplugs to protect his or her ability to hear, it should be understood that there is no need to gamble with something that could destabilize your hearing ability for a lifetime. Most of the times, people suffer temporary to permanent hearing loss due to exposure to loud noise.

This is called noise induced hearing loss. Over the years, the use of earplugs have remained largely preferred when it comes to protecting one’s hearing as compared to earmuffs which not many people use, even though they are equally effective.

Well, when it comes to ensuring your ears functionally optimally, the air pressure inside is supposed to be balanced with atmospheric pressure.  As a plane gains dynamic lift and high into the skies, the atmospheric pressure gets lower and lower and this is likely to cause discomfort in one’s middle and inner ear.

However, with the right measures such as wearing of earplugs, the problem of hearing interference can always be encountered. A lot has been said and done regarding the use of earplugs and with the continued demand for their use and thanks to technology because these days one can buy ear plugs online.

In this post, we take a look at handy reasons why wearing ear plugs when in a flight is equally important, not just during shooting, swimming, attending a rock concert or when sleeping.

Pressure Regulation in the Ears

Air flow, in and out of the ear when one is at high altitudes is always not as consistence at it is on the surface of the earth. This imbalance is what causes discomfort hence the only way to overcome it is by wearing earplugs.

An ideal type of ear plugs in this case is that made from close and open foam which delays the pressure buildup and open to release pressure buildup.

Reduce Pressure Changes

During takeoff and landing, airtight or leak-free earplugs such as those made from silicon are good for ensure reduced pressure changes within and outside ear.


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